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Located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Hovkonditorn bakes with very high quality ingredients. Vegan, raw, gluten-free and sugar-free options are available.

Here's a short list of what Hovkonditorn is currently baking. A wider variety of tasty sweet and savory treats is available. You can check out Hovkonditorn's baking & food blog for more ideas.


Custom made birthday cakes

All the cakes are custom made to meet the birthday hero's wishes. The cakes are made with high quality ingredients and according to dietary restrictions.


Swedish Cinnamon Buns

Made of yeast dough instead of puff pastry to get the original cinnamon bun taste and feel. 



Dense Chocolate Cake

Made with quality dark chocolate for that rich intense taste.


Raw Energy Balls

Made with nothing but the good stuff. Raw energy balls are made of dates, almonds and coconut. For those who want to have a healthier treat and get energy quick.



Finnish Runeberg's Torte

This is a Finnish classic. The torte is named after Johan Ludvig Runeberg, a Finnish national poet. According to the legend, mr. Runeberg enjoyed the torte with punsch for every breakfast. The torte is a moist and delicious cake with the taste of almond & rum, topped with raspberry jam and glazing.



Coffee Crumb Cake

A delicious crunch & softness combo. Flavour and filling can be varied after season, lemon, lime and coconut is the perfect taste for spring, rhubarb for early summer, strawberries are just right for summer and wild blueberries, raspberries are for late summer.




Wide variety of tarts and pies. Fresh fillings can include berries and fruits. 






Flaky, buttery croissants made with love. Say goodbye to dry and dense croissants.




Carrot cakes, Cheesecakes, Chocolate cakes, Spongecakes




Lots of different flavours, also healthier options available


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